The ticker layout replicates a classic news ticker layout using a selection of animations. It's an ideal way to display the title of your latest news in a thin footprint. 

Please note the ticker is designed to only show the item title in the layout. If you need to display more than the item title then please select one of the slideshow layouts.


Also please note that if you are installing Zentools2 as an update and wish to use this layotu you will need to recreate the master css by visiting the style tab in the module administrator.


Options and settings


The text used at the start of your ticker. eg Breaking news


Pretext Class

The class to display the ticker pretext with. Best results use the strong tag.



Displays the ticker using either no theme, boxed, primary or grey. The primary option uses the primary colour specified in the style tab of the module.



Determines the transition for each item as it appears on the screen. Optikns include: Fade, Backslide, Go Down, Fade Up, Slide


Navigation Arrows

Displays a left and right arrow to the right of the ticker. This option requires the Font Awesoem library which is typically loaded in Zen Grid Framework themes or via the Zen Shortcode plugin.


Enable Mouse Drag

When enabled the user can move backwards or forwards through the ticker content using the mouse to drag.


Enable touch drag

When enabled, on a touch device the user can touch and drag the ticker content forwards or backwards.



Determines whether the ticker automatically animates on page load.


Autoplay speed

Determines the time in ms that an item is displayed on the screen



When enabled the slideshow will automatically resize to fir the height of the item.